For two solid weeks, the earth’s energy has been high. The personal days have been sparking strong emotions. I’m sitting in my favorite coffee house on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, listening to the roar of coffee grinders and trendy music, sprinkled with emotional noise and wondering how to center my thoughts to write this blog. 

Navigating the noise of the world without earphones is my latest challenge. Silencing my brain to the surge of recent angry noise directed at me as a push-back to my call for peace is my latest life lesson. 



Auditory noise isn’t the only thing that affects our well-being. Emotional noise; information-highway noise; pressure-to-fit-in noise; influencer noise; opinion noise; rage-filled-fear noise, and the list goes on are ALL very loud.

When we center ourselves in the quiet of our own conscious ‘now’, we have the opportunity to chose quiet. Even as the world rages on around us. I listen intently now. I want to hear the random acts of kindness exchanged between strangers. I have chosen to quiet my own voice so that my other senses can take over. I have chosen to feel the world rather than hear or see it. To me, this is where bliss lives. 



When we want excellence in our lives, we can’t just wish for it. We have to feel peace. When I turned 50, I decided to find myself again. The journey has been a long, hard, lone path toward peace. It brought me to feeling alive again for the first time. Navigating the noise of the world, helped.  

When life becomes too overwhelming for me, I have the physical manifestation of Spirit-love to guide me. That is me. I do not push my mindfulness on anyone else. Instead, it’s for me and me alone. I navigate my life in a way that helps me to practice peace. This in turn, allows me to choose love.

Perfectly imperfect


Love is my compass. Love and kindness and civility according to my own indoctrinated worldview keep it real. Of course it’s flawed. I am flawed. We all are.  That is my navigation system. I own that. Not to tell others that they have to live the same way, that would be silly. My being is not their being.

It doesn’t always work, but what human being perfected life to the point where they are not flawed at least some of the time? The way I practice quieting my mind? I seek to intentionally find something good about each and every life experience. Sometimes, life explodes into non-sensical irrational thought. Other times, it’s smooth sailing through the cacophony.  

When life floats through the turbulence with joy, love, happiness, contentment and humor as the guide, we know we have found peace. 

Can you feel it? The earth’s energy. It’s pretty overwhelming. Energy goes where attention flows. That’s where love lives.


In peace and love,


Author: Karen Henry, MA CRM, PhD ( c )  owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of holistic healing and positive psychology.




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