Heart. An adjective, a noun and a verb. We’re unable to live without a beating one. We’re lead by it more than we care to admit. We try to eliminate or dissect it’s relevance in our often emotional decision making. We often refer to our emotional pain as a broken heart.

When our broken heart becomes too unbearable, we now know that we can actually die from it. Our hearts are connected to the strings of our thoughts. We’re learning more and more about just how often our personal and professional lives turn our very logical decisions into something more subjective than we’d like to admit. 

Pulse of Personality 

For many years, I taught personality theory at a state university in upstate New York. I explored not only the theories as part of the class, but also the upbringing and life styles of the theorists themselves. I wanted the students to learn that every decision we make is connected to both our nature and our nurture. 

Look at the lives of the theorists themselves. It’s a long list. Same results. The background of the researcher’s own childhood experiences influence the motivation to study the theories. Their hearts were invested in their work.

Nobody escapes this very personal decision to lean toward a positive psychology without also understanding that there is a a motive to do so. When we have full transparency of our own pulse, we are more connected to the universe around us. 

We grow from what we know. We don’t fully know until we’ve opened our heart to learning.

Heart strings

One of my experiences as a volunteer kitten foster was to have a strong heart and let them go after raising them to an adoptable age. We’re living in a world that seems to be rather polarized. It’s not. The collectivist view of doing a good deed with nothing in return is in theory, what we think we’re doing. We’ll get there.

In truth?

We strengthen our heart by helping.

We grow as humans while giving.

We become engaged in the art of living by being more present in the act of loving.

My professional identity grew exponentially as a result of giving my entire life over to tiny cats, some of whom died in my hands but live on in my heart.Others thrived.  

When we believe that we are the very best that we can be, we live in that frequency. When our mind, body and spirit work as one seamlessly flowing sense of connection to our universe, we are on the path toward whom we were meant to be.

All we have to do to heal, to feel, to become mindful of ourselves is to listen to our heart. Be kinder toward each other.

Written from the heart.

Peace and Love,


Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of holistic healing and positive psychology.



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