Elevating our energy to align with our highest purpose is such a compelling dance between the scientific world and the spiritual world. I try to imagine the global world and our quest for understanding who we are, where we came from and why we all want to know how to live our best lives.

What if, no science or religion or any trained techniques such as meditation or mindfulness were needed at all?

What if, we simply shifted our focus toward only accepting in the great white light of universal energy, while our thoughts just decide to be happy. Seems simple enough. 

“Best laid schemes o’ mice and men often go awry”  Adapted from Robert Burns poem apology to the mice. 

It means, things never go exactly how easily they can go, do they? 

People around the world find ways to create a healing environment, while others still pull that energy down toward opportunistic money making ventures. 

Elevating our thoughts

The one thing we, here in this industry of healing and helping know, is that everyone is on a different path. Everyone is going to interpret our gift of healing in a different way. Each of us will see, hear, feel the collective message in a very unique-to-us interpretation. 

Perception is a very real reminder that none of us is cut from the exact same cloth, and none of us are going to share exactly the same enthusiasm for living our best lives. 

We create the energy we’re existing in. It’s a recipe made up of our life experiences, our genetics and our strengths (or limitations). When we surround ourselves with darkness, negativity, ugliness or toxic environments, that is what we think about.

When we want to change from those negatives to the positives, we also have to go through a grieving period of letting go. Even when it’s good for us to do so, letting go of the familiar can be a painful process. 


I studied Reiki. It’s not a religion, though many people believe it to be. I also study how the energy in our brains work when we think, when we experience, when we live in different environments. 

The energy we live in becomes a part of the tapestry that represents our whole life. When we are surrounded with toxic, dark or negative energy, we become that. When we choose to bask in positive thoughts, love, light, laughter, peace, calm, happiness, we become that. 

It’s up to us. That’s not always easy, but it is a noetic journey of creation. It’s a co-creation of the life we are living. 

This isn’t about our belief system, though that certainly does play a significant role in how we interpret the world. It’s about using our whole person approach to being in the world as a vessel for being part of the world. And how the world is part of us. 

This is the ultimate gift of living a whole, happy, energetically aligned life. 

Peace and Love,



Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of holistic healing and positive psychology.




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