A willow tree, for those who have not experienced one, is a miracle in perfect harmony with everything I love about nature. It doesn’t argue with the wind or fall to the water. It doesn’t mind the cold, or heat. It dances so very well with the sky. It is strong, yet gentle. It is large, yet graceful. The roots are deep. The foundation is solid.

There is no pressure to be anything but what it is.

When we ‘decide’ about a thing for ourselves, we can foster inspiration from nature. For some reason, so many others believe they have a right to push back against our personal growth. I have come to understand that part of being truly happy is also to be more like a willow. When we do what’s best for our own growth, we develop a full, happy, healthy life.

Bend or leave.

Instead of spending any more time wondering “why” the world was always challenging nature, I decided to redefine the terms. Why wait? Why need an explanation of what was happening, when in truth, all we need is a reason to define our terms, then live by them.

Nature gave us everything we need to live fully balanced, lovely lives.

I decided that the push back was going to be there. Just like the challenges of natural elements. It is there. All the time. It begins and ends … with me. With you. With us.

We only experience what we allow in our world.

Others may want to shape or control us, or influence us, or even tell us how to live our lives. It’s entirely up to us to choose what we accept or not.

Create an invisible force field of self love so fierce, that no matter what else, nobody will be allowed to touch the root of our soul. Unless you invite them. This will take some personal strength on your part.

Cultivating Self Kindness

1st: Self Love (it’s a flowing constant practice of balancing your strengths and your limitations)

2nd: Know who you are (that also takes patience, self forgiveness, a lot of laughing at your imperfections and a lot of celebrating them in kind).

3rd: This takes some malleable mind mapping on your part. Bend with the wind, but don’t break because of it.

Stand as the willow tree. It bends. It flows with the wind. It rushes about in the elements. It will lose some leaves. But it also grows very deep roots and stands strong in it’s own space; nourished with sunshine, water, earth and sky.

The willow lives gently by pushing back in harmony with all others. Not against them.

In grace and clarity,


Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of holistic healing and positive psychology.



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