Want to be happy? Align your algorithms.

Our lives are predicted by the company we keep online. At least, that’s how the online community sees us. They know what we like and sadly, what and whom we don’t like.  Some people love to throw those Pan Am smiles and fake happy lives around. Others mean it. Is the illusion of a perfect life is good enough? Temporarily, yes. It gets you where you want to go.  It leaves a lot of room for the broken parts to stay broken too.

How do we turn our selfies into sincere alignment with our fully healthy, balanced authentic selves? 

  • We own our reality
  • Align ourselves with our world
  • Stay open to love of all aspects of ourselves. 

Fake happy is not happy. ‘Likes’ don’t mean we’re liked. Perception is powerful. Authentic alignment with our true self gives us a better life.

Internal alignment means we’re okay if others don’t ‘Like” us. Except, that’s primarily online. In truth? I still believe that when we work on ourselves, the organic popularity will come along.


One enlightenment expert tells us that our thoughts are just thoughts, unattached from emotions. Another says that our thoughts create our world as a whole, not just our emotional attachment to that world. And yet another one says that our emotions can be balanced toward the positives with conscious decision making. 

Aligning  is a human quality that we’re all capable of, so why not embrace it as a universal truth? 

Most of us want to be happy. Most of us want to live a vibrant, love filled life.  Not everyone. Some people are addicted to their pain and suffering. They have deeply embedded patterns of hurt that need that pain to feed its source. 

The comfort zone is that source. 


If we want to feel whole, we have to change our algorithms of consciousness. We know that social media uses algorithms to track our thoughts, our actions, our behaviors. Humans used different techniques of course. In essence,  observing ourselves outside of ourselves in order to best consider who we are in relation to why we are shifts our thoughts.

To become your own algorithm, simply observe. Make your unconscious, conscious. Become cognizant of yourself in all things. Mindfulness has become big business, but it is not a sales pitch. It’s a philosophy and life choice. 

As Thich Nhat Hanh said, “Your body is the seat of consciousness. You are made of sunshine.” 

We are given the natural gift of sinking deep within ourselves in order to observe the star that we have living inside us. 

Use your inner star power to generate a love of self. Shift your life toward love, and you will miraculously find that you become aligned with who you are meant to be. It is effortless, once you have decided to pay attention to your own internal sunshine. 

When we align ourselves with our intention, we become whom we wish to be. That is self love.

Peace and Love,


Author: Karen Henry [Daly], MA CRM owns Henry Healing as a holistic well-being practitioner and writer. She’s a former university professor and current scholar practicing the infusion of holistic healing and positive psychology. ‘till Tuesday … 




“We Are The Positive Psychology People” 

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