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Many of us fear getting lost. And might avoid this experience it at all costs. But what if getting lost was just another natural aspect of being human and living our daily lives? If we were to view being lost not as something to be feared, but more as an opportunity, then how much more may we open to the experience and discover?

In drawing this card, you are invited to open more fully to explore your sense of feeling lost. Less as something to be feared, and more as a vital opportunity.

Ask yourself the question:

Where am I feeling lost in my life right now?

And rather than turn away from any potential fear, take some time to turn towards and into this experience.

See what happens when you are willing to meet with and even embrace these feelings.

If you are willing to name where you are feeling lost in your life and work?

Be as specific as you can.

Express I am feeling lost here and here – and name where?

Then turn towards this experience by being willing to befriend any fear that you may have felt. Notice how this allows you to relax more into the experience.

You may inquire: What have I been fearing? And name your fears.

And then mindful of these emotions, reflect upon – the opportunity or opportunities – which may now be able to open for you.

It’s quite remarkable that if you are willing to ‘turn towards’ what you would automatically ‘turn away from’ – in this case your fear around feeling lost – rather than discovering a closed door – one opens. For in your willingness to enter into this experience you discover – a door of opportunity and new possibilities?

What are the opportunities for you in owning and embracing these feelings of loss?

What do you ideally wish for?

If you had a magic wand and could wish for anything, for what would you wish?

How could you take a step towards the realisation of this wish? And make your wish more of a reality?

When we go walking in nature, part of the adventure is following paths that we may have no idea where they lead. Where we are being taken. What if we could view the challenges of our life like the adventure of walking along a yet unknown path? Nature and its pathways may wish to teach us – that if we are willing to take courage and enter more fully into the adventure of life then unforeseen opportunities may emerge in place of the problems that we may fear will hold us back and block our way.

Consider what you are learning from this conversation and in the drawing of this card. And if you were to apply these learnings to your life, how different your life maybe?

May you step into life as an adventure.

May you take courage to follow your path, even when unsure of where it may ultimately lead.

May you approach losing as a vital opportunity to finding your way and also enable others to discover this secret.




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