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In drawing this card, you are invited to explore more fully the person that you are becoming through your life and work. We often focus our attention much more on the ‘what’ we are doing which includes the goals we want to reach and what we wish to have. However, if you reflect deeply, you will realise that throughout your life you are evolving as person, you are ever becoming more self-aware fostering a sense of wholeness and completeness.

Reflect how much of your life is about wanting and having. It is a natural aspect of humanity that we have needs and wants. But in our preoccupation to have and to find we can often overlook the person behind, and how we are changing through our life and work.

The central question in drawing this card, is to reflect much more deeply on: Who you are becoming?

Take some time right now and through the day to map out your journey and to consider your evolution as a person. Notice the points in your life where you feel you have changed? And bring to mind and acknowledge how you have changed? Cultivate the clearest picture from looking in at yourself in this way? What do you notice most about you? What qualities inform your life now?

It is strange in life with our preoccupations for searching and finding – a continual seeking something more – that we overlook that behind the scenes we are continually becoming more aware of who we are. The game of seeking something more can essentially hide the someone other, who you are becoming. Today is a chance for you to become more fully acquainted with the who you are becoming and recognise and acknowledge this person, their achievements, and their qualities. Take whatever time you require to do this.

The image associated with these words is one of a tree – study it for a moment. The Aurora is beginning to break through the skies. And when it does in this way you see the beginnings of a corona, which is the source or opening that reveals the full presence of the Northern Lights. The tree reminded me of our striving our reaching outward and upwards. And yet do we in our striving overlook the source of our energy and how we are inspired and motivated to grow and change. Once again, this card reminds that we are continually growing, changing, and emerging into life and it is wise and well to stop from time to time and to recognise: not what you have or want but more our central question: who am I becoming?

Such becoming reminds that there is a source to our life that motivates our being and becoming. Consider how you may experience this source in your own life? To what are you drawn and or called? What inspires you? What do you love to do when you permit your ease and naturalness? These questions will help you to illuminate how you are motivated and inspired through your life and work. Growth in this way, is less judged by what we have and more a felt experience influenced by that which inspires and or to which we aspire.

May you take time on a regular basis to become more fully acquainted with the person you are now and to recognise and contemplate who you are becoming.

May you help others continually to see how behind and just beyond the wanting and having of life, there is a person emerging into the world, becoming more present and self-aware.

May you realise that your longing in life is less around having something more and more about becoming that person – that is the one who you were born to be.



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