Do you feel lost? Confused? Dissatisfied with life? Why are you here? Who are you? How are you meant to live? What are you meant to do? Why don’t you feel happy with your life?

Well, I can’t guarantee that I have THE answers to these complex, existential questions. But, I can share with you what I have learned, what feels true in my heart and I hope it will help you in living your true nature and purpose and experiencing more meaning, joy and fulfilment in your life.


What is your true nature?

A brain, a body? A mortal animal? Just another species on the planet? Yes, you are all of these. But you are also so much more.

When we take a microscope and look at your cells we see atoms. When we look at those atoms more closely, we see sub-atomic particles and 99.999% empty space. When we look closer yet, physicists discover that those particles are also behaving as waves of energy. You are made of waves of energy. The physical world is at its root, not physical at all.

Not only are you a non-physical being made of waves of energy, you are also an interpreter of energy. For example, when you see with your eyes you are interpreting light waves and when you hear with your ears you are interpreting sound waves. Even touch is the energetic friction felt between the atoms of your body and the thing you are ‘touching’.

You also emit waves of energy. Your body generates electrical energy and it gives off heat energy. Your thoughts and feelings also have electromagnetic frequencies that can be measured. They radiate out from your body. This is why you can pick up on other people’s thoughts and emotions if you are particularly sensitive, empathic and intuitive – the ‘6th sense’ as it’s often called.

You are like an antenna giving off energy waves, receiving energy waves and making sense of them in between with your fantastic mind. Also, you cannot separate energy. The energy that makes up ‘you’ is continuous with the energy of the chair you’re sitting on and the person next to you. Everything is merged into one big field of energy.


So, what is this ‘energy’? exactly?

My current understanding is that it’s pure consciousness, what I call ‘God’, infinite intelligence, the source of all creation, a quantum soup of potential and possibility.
“If you want to understand the nature of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, vibration” Nikola Tesla

OK, so you’re an energy being, swimming around in more energy… what on earth is the point of that?! God only knows. Literally. But we can enquire into this important question…


What is your purpose?

I can’t say anything for sure but, I doubt your purpose is to work 9-5 for 40+ years, pay bills and save money until you can retire and then enjoy the last few years of life before you die. That feels a bit off to me. I think we’re here for much more than that.

The bible says “God created man in his own image”. I don’t take this to mean a physical image. I don’t think ‘God’ has a physical body – see above. God is that pure energy, that infinite intelligence, the omnipresent creator. I think this is the ‘image’ in which you have been made. You too are pure energy, infinite intelligence, an omnipresent creator. Just as the ocean is contained in a single drop, the creative consciousness that is ‘God’, is contained within you.

And so, what’s your purpose? To create!

Create what? Whatever you heart desires!

Each person, each soul, is supremely unique and gifted. Everyone has something special to express here in this world. When I say ‘special’, I don’t mean it has to be grandiose and world changing. I just mean it must be ‘you’. It must be authentic.

What do you love to do? What comes naturally to you? What lights you up, excites you, what do you enjoy? What do you love to do just for the sake of doing it? Not as a means to an end, not as a two way bargain where you expect some kind of return, but purely because you want to do it. That’s your purpose. It’s that simple.
Your purpose may take different shapes and forms throughout life, you may have multiple purposes, multiple gifts and talents. Maybe you’re a great cook and also a great mathematician. Cool! Maybe you like gardening and have naturally green fingers and you also love to fix cars. Excellent! There are no rights and wrongs when it comes to purpose, it’s just whatever is true for you.

And quite simply, I believe you are here to do whatever is true for you. You are here to be it. To express it. To create it. Just like an acorn grows into an oak tree, a seed grows into a rose, a caterpillar turns into a butterfly – your soul is here to grow into whatever it was always meant to be -it already has its innate purpose baked into it. You’ve just got to be it.

Sounds easy, huh? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I struggle with it sometimes because life is not unidirectional or one dimensional. We all have challenges, pains and suffering along the way. Is that also part of our true nature and purpose, to suffer?


Why do we suffer?

My sense is that we suffer when we’re off track because:

1. We’re not living our true nature. We have become attached to our logical brain, our animalistic, instinctive tendencies and emotions, our ego, our identity and persona, our mortal body, our beliefs about our human selves and the material world. We forgot that we are an infinite, spiritual, energy being with the power to create worlds running through us.

2. We not living our true purpose. We’ve started following someone else’s guidance. We do what other people think we should do, what they think is right, we negate our own truth and ignore our own soul. We’re an acorn trying to grow into a plum tree, a caterpillar trying to turn into a tiger. It doesn’t work. And so, we suffer.


Perhaps worries and strife are simply warning lights from the universe. Street signs saying ‘no entry’ and ‘turn left here’. All the way, we are being guided by the pains and the pitfalls to get back onto the right track, the highest track, the track of our true nature and purpose.

I hope this has given you something to think about. Perhaps you will explore your own spiritual nature and get in touch with what makes you light up inside, what gives you a sense of purpose. And most importantly, I hope you can then express all of that into this world. Each of us is a piece of the jigsaw. Don’t leave your spot empty. We need it to complete the picture.

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