Have you noticed you keep finding yourself in the same situation, or that you have patterns? I know I have. Life is full of ups and downs and that’s ok but I noticed there are so many things I have not fully processed and this has recently changed. I have just done a lot of work on them and I am happy to say, I feel more positive and free after using these few simple techniques mixed with laughter of course.


One thing that we wonderful humans do is store all the events that go on in our life and feel we have to put on our brave face and hide them deep down where nobody can see them. After years of doing this, these tend to build up and possibly even manifest in our bodies as illnesses or dis-eases.

I have recently read an amazing book called Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield –Thomas. Wow, I was sent this book by a friend who knew I was going through a tough time and I would love to share a few life-changing things that have helped me.

Funny thing is that I already knew all the methods, even taught them lol but had not used them in this way before, and by adding laughter to them it speeded up the process.

We need to de-clutter our minds to be able to allow good into them. It does not matter whether you have money issues, relationship issues, self-confidence or what ever your limiting belief is, this will work. It is based on the Hawaiian Prayer that has been made popular by Dr Ihaleakala Hew Len who healed an entire mental ward by healing himself in a practice called Ho’Oponopono and I recommend you look at the articles and videos available on this.

4 Steps to De-cluttering

You need to take full responsibility for everything in your life.
That’s really the goal of this exercise. To give yourself permission to change, grow and learn from those mistakes.
Make a list of all the things that you can relate to your ‘issue’ or ‘negative belief’ and write it down, keep going it doesn’t matter how big of how small, if it pops into your mind write it down. Take the time to do this. I did this for 7 full days and will keep on doing it. The first time is the hardest, and expect some tears.

Most of us, we’re holding a lot of old blame, guilt, shame and anger towards ourselves that we have to release.

  • Are there any lessons that you have to learn from this?
  • Are there any experiences that you don’t want to repeat anymore and you can give yourself permission to let them go?
  • Or, do you just feel differently now about those experiences and you give yourself permission to do something different in the future?

After writing a fairly hefty list, what I did was went to do the washing up and played a Ho’oponopono long track that I found on Youtube, and as I washed the dishes, I washed away each one of those issues. You think about each one and spend time on it and then say I am Sorry, Please Forgive me, I Love You, Thank You.

To make it even more powerful and to break down that critical filter, start off serious and feeling the pain and let it go. Then say it while you laugh. YAY!!

1. I am Sorry

Releasing blame connected to what you are working on is key. Accept that somehow you had something to do with what happened. It may have been that you were on a low vibrational level that attracted it. So think of the person and say I am sorry. Continue saying all 4 steps then come back and say it thinking of yourself and how you are sorry for putting yourself through it.

2. Please Forgive Me

Forgiveness is important to help you move forward. You may feel so hurt by what happened but carrying that around with you will destroy you. Release the negative charge that is attached to it and forgive. Feel the magic that happens and you will even see that the other person might also start to live a better life because you released it. Imagine how that could change the world.

3. I Love You

Love can heal all; it’s the most powerful force in the universe. Being able to love someone that has taken you down a path that was not too pleasant is huge and you will feel the difference. It doesn’t mean you condone what they did you just release it from your energy field. YAY!

4. Thank You

Everything you experience is a lesson, so be grateful and thank it for what you learned. Make forgiveness a regular part of your life mixed with laughter and see how your life becomes more positive and how you feel the burden lift.

Happy Decluttering! Open your life to new positive experiences.

About the author: To find out more about Jo-Dee Walmsley, please click here.


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