Troy Armour accidentally turned a personal hobby into what is now known as Junk Kouture, the global competition where more than 100,000 young people have transformed recycled materials into high fashion.

At the World Happiness Summit (WOHASU) 2024 in London, Troy revealed that he started the initiative because he was a creative child but all attention and popularity seemed to be focused only on the sporty kids, which he wasn’t. He describes Junk Kouture as “sport for creative kids” where everyone is encouraged to “find the diamond inside themselves and let it shine”.

To enter the competition entrants choose a theme and create a costume around it using recycled materials before modelling their design on stage to music. It is much more than just a fashion show, it is an expression and celebration of identity, creativity and commitment to sustainability from each participant.

On the WOHASU stage, seven finalists and winners from the 2023 Junk Kouture competition showcased their costumes to a standing ovation from the audience. One, the ‘Wishing on a Ribbon’ dress, was created by Livi and Clem and won in the Young Designer of the Year category. The dress was made from 283 reclaimed silver ribbons, with a handwritten wish from the pupils of Wadhurst Primary School.

Junk Kouture reflects the mission of WOHASU – to spread ripples of happiness to a global audience and cultivate a community committed to co-creating a happier, healthier and more sustainable world.

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