Hello, if we haven’t met before, I’m Lesley Lyle, a well-being therapist with a passion for sharing the science of happiness and personal growth. That also includes me – I’m also on my own journey of continuous self-improvement.

Sharing My Personal Journey with You

Currently, I’m pursuing a Master’s in Spirituality, Ecology, and Mental Health, a decade after earning my MSc in Positive Psychology. As part of my ongoing personal development, I went on a quest to find a way to challenge myself to enhance and sustain my physical, psychological, and social well-being. I thought to myself, ‘Is there an adult version of the Duke of Edinburgh Award?’ And to my surprise Google said, ‘Yes!’, which led me to the brilliant organisation, The Challenge Hub.

After some enquiries and conversations with The Challenge Hub Chairman, Richard Pertwee, he generously allowed me to create my very own challenge, known as The Capstone Challenge (TCC). It’s hosted within The Challenge Hub Facebook group, where I am delighted to invite you to embark on this journey with me, in your unique way. There is no cost involved and you can begin and end whenever you like, although the aim is to complete it within a 12-month period.


What Sets The Capstone Challenge Apart?

The Capstone Challenge is different. It’s based on the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ the evidence-based five principles of ‘connect’, ‘be active’, ‘take notice’, ‘keep learning’ and ‘give’ with a focus on connection, mindfulness, spirituality, and ecology. What’s truly special is that you get to choose your own challenge and assess your own effort levels that push you beyond your comfort zone on your own terms.


Why Should You Do it?

The Capstone Challenge offers a comprehensive approach to well-being that encourages you to develop new skills, foster connections with incredible individuals like yourself, and explore spirituality and ecology as vital components of your path to a more fulfilling life. This journey isn’t just about personal growth; it’s about contributing to your overall well-being.


The Bonus!

Your achievements in The Capstone Challenge can also count toward longer challenges like ‘The All in One’ or ‘The Loughborough Challenge’ run by The Challenge Hub. So, if you can achieve both if you wish, which is what I’m doing.


Contact Me

If you want find out more or start today, have a look at the Facebook Group where you can message me and ask for more information.

The Capstone Challenge will improve your health, happiness and total wellbeing while you have FUN !!!



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