Humor in the workplace

Being part of an organization can be exciting. It’s a place to share ideas, collaborate, and feel as though you are making a difference. And, sometimes it can be stressful. Personality conflicts and miscommunication can contribute to stress in the workplace. In some organizations, leaders often mistakenly believe there is no room for humor at work. That couldn’t be further from the truth.  Humor, laughter, and improv skills help employees: ·       Practice and perfect their listening skills ·       Remove the walls of judgment ·       Learn to accept each other’s differences ·       Create a more understanding and cohesive environment What a lighthearted and playful atmosphere can do for an organization: Improve Communication While technology allows teams to stay connected, it is also often the cause of disconnection. Teams use tools like instant messaging, WebEx meetings, and email to stay in touch others across the office or around the globe. But, fewer face-to-face interactions can have a significantly negative impact on a team. Improv skills can lead to reconnection. When conducting workshops with teams, improv is an easy way to demonstrate effective communication and the ramifications of miscommunication. Improv is also a fun way to practice the new skills. Build Up Staff … Continue reading Humor in the workplace