During one year of life coaching I probably filled about 6 journals. These notebooks held my mind, heart and soul. My thoughts, my feelings and my fears. My dreams and my questions, my truths and my answers. Journaling contributed massively to a very powerful, healing process.

I still journal, not as often perhaps, but a notebook and pen is as common in my handbag as my lip gloss – and if you know me, that’s saying something! In fact I probably have as many notebooks as I do lip glosses and that’s A LOT! I digress…

You don’t have to fill 6 journals, but just recognise that it’s very healthy and healing to release what’s inside, especially if what you hold within is pain and strife. Holding painful truths inside is like keeping a garage full of junk in your heart and soul.

Can’t I just talk to a friend?

Of course! Even better if you talk to a professional therapist or coach if you feel you need it. But, be aware that sometimes what you need to express is not something you feel comfortable sharing with other people.

Perhaps you are comfortable talking to a friend. But when we talk to others they will often – all be it with the best intentions – give you solutions and opinions. They might even make judgements about you and they will dilute your story with theirs.

There’s nothing wrong with receiving opinions and solutions, it’s often the nature of human communication and professional therapy is sometimes there to give you solutions.

But there is great power in a pure, uninterrupted outpouring. And that’s what journaling brings you.

The page on which you write does not judge you. It does not talk back. It simply accepts all you have to say.

Journaling is an emotional garage sale

For journaling to be therapeutic and healing, all you need to do is let loose on the page. No thinking or judgement of what comes out – just let it come out. Like selling your old belongings without a second thought.

I recommend this daily, even if you’re not going through anything in particular. It’s just cleansing, it’s like a release of all the clutter we hold in our minds. What comes out on the page can leave you lighter and more spacious inside. And in this space can be found peace and love.

Don’t journal with a purpose such as ‘I have to get this out and heal it’. Just write for the sake of expression. The natural flow is where the magic happens.

Journaling can uncover secrets you didn’t know you had

When you are in the flow of writing, you are in a very powerful place. If you can keep your mind out of the way, great clarity can come in your words. You might be surprised what comes out – intuitive insights, the secrets of your sub conscious mind and answers.

It’s amazing how often the root of a problem is uncovered by journaling. It’s as if with every word you write, you delve deeper into your subconscious mind, unearthing the treasures that are waiting to be found.

Equally magical is the realisation that you have the answers to your own problems. Everything you need to know is inside you and journaling can put you in touch with that. Intuitive insights can suddenly clear challenges that your conscious mind has grappled with to no avail.

Just be open

For journaling to be effective, I feel you have to be open. Open to pouring out and facing everything and anything that comes through. It might be painful, it might be ugly and it might be scary. But it can also be enlightening, cleansing and profound.

Whatever happens, it’s safe. It’s just between you and the page. You can be free to express your deepest truths without fear of judgement and where there is no judgement, there is pure love.

About the author:Pinky Jangra creates blogs, videos and cartoons about all things spiritual, psychological and emotional, teaching what people didn’t get taught in school – inner wellness. Her experience, knowledge and inspiration come from everyday life, 10 years of personal growth and her work and study in behavioural and biological science. To see more of Pinky’s work, visit pinkyandherbrain.com


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