My worldview is evolving. GGG @ TPPP is cutting back to bi-monthly as a result. Why? This writer is in a winter-hibernation-worldview-reflection time. The solitude is deafening, and yet necessary.

Mastering contentment with silence is needed in order to truly know who we are in the big picture of how we can contribute. Our world is changing, or, maybe it’s just my lens on the world that’s changing, as I watch the world evolve.

Change Happens


The things that excite us, upset us, scare us, or look forward to in our youth are swimming against the tide of world change. When we pay attention to history, we know that kindness vs selfishness; good vs evil; black vs white all end up blending into this never-ending influx of push back against our beliefs.

We, my dear friends in the universe, are all the same. Why do we separate ourselves in order to feel like we fit in somewhere? When did the separateness become the stock standard of our various cultural norms? What compels the human condition to need to find an ego driven logic or competition?



In the sound of silence, we become reacquainted with our soul. Our inner voice has its platform to speak from within. Everything we do, say, act like, believe and pray-to includes both ego and id.

When we practice sitting in the stillness of our own thoughts, the world must quiet down. It has no choice. We let go of stress. We free ourselves of anxiety. We give our brain a day off from world concerns that the news would have us believe are more important than our own inner calmness.

Indulge me my sky metaphor for a moment. We forget sometimes that all great works of art come from that inner truth. The passion that sits in us for whatever it is that gives our lives meaning or purpose, can be as subtle as a pale yellow sky. We always feel compelled to seek out the brilliant signs of life. The stark vivid moments as if they are the only truth to living in love.

And yet, it is the softness of an average day, the average mood, the average, every day nuances that make up a majority of our lives. We forget to celebrate the quiet, subtle spectacular now in the same glorious poignancy of what it is to be alive.



Love for the artistic masterpiece that is our whole-person-life is where all the power actually resides. Our core worldview deserves a day off from having to define it. Clarity comes from being able to rest. Noetic nomads know this. Those with grit, grace and gratitude as the trilogy of defining thoughts know this.

Savor the quiet subtleties of rest once in a while. That is the true color of a soul awakening to the next version of yourself. This is where our worldview cultivates into our very essence of being.

Peace and love,


Author: Karen Henry, Positive Psychology Practitioner and author since 2007. Owner, Henry Healing. Author of Clarity; Noetic Nomads and Grit, Grace and Gratitude *Coming soon as a complimentary anthology for friends of TPPP*



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