When we heal, we experience transcendence. People who fully live in the present are able to navigate from past experiences toward a more meaningful life. Those who feel that sense of wholeness or completeness are able to transcend the lessons we learned along the path toward enlightenment.


Adyashanti said, “A total acceptance of yourself brings about a total transcendence of yourself.” What does that look like?

  • We are not afraid of not knowing. We are excited to learn more.
  • We are not embarrassed to lack a skill. We are thrilled to have more to acquire.
  • We do not compare ourselves with others. We become one with our now.


When we transcend the need to be happy, we ease into its truth. One’s ability to move beyond the notion of wanting or needing toward accepting means we have found our ability to simply ‘be’. There is a great deal of yearning for things that we don’t have. Money. Sex. Power. Popularity. Social approval. Value according to others. Basic needs are important, yet so are all the other parts of our hierarchy.

Beyond the Basics

When we study a singular concept in the field of psychology, we bring its significance to the masses. We have studied thriving, gratitude, forgiveness, love, healing, happiness and so many other singular key concepts for decades. No, not decades, millennia. We pull our strengths from both ancient texts and modern ideals. We do research, then pronounce our “newness” to the world at large. With the right sugar coated appeal, we draw in a crowd. That crowd becomes our cheerleaders, our street teams and in some cases, our worshipers.

Viktor Frankl said, “The pursuit of happiness undermines happiness”

The Emperor’s New Clothes [the book] has a place in our culture throughout time, including our own. We dress up our words in the pretty packaging that has the most appeal. Most humans are not comfortable in being unknown, or insignificant, or even unattractive in the eyes of our social media. This is why we should be adding “likes” to our list of addictions. Perhaps it already is. None of it has to do with our raw truth or self fulfillment.

Knowledge is Power?

Knowledge is power, but so is accountability. So why then, do we stay stuck at the edge of reason, rather than transcending the need to be seen? The desire to be fully awake to the realization that we don’t need anything or anyone else to make our lives whole is a social taboo.

We have nothing to prove to anyone. Ever. Yet, we spend our lives wanting or needing to be liked. Freedom from this need or want gives us the ability to transcend into a higher consciousness that most of us are afraid to live in. It means that we will be okay, no matter what.

Freedom smells like sunshine while knowledge feels like star particles, pulsing through our veins.  When we’re ready, we are more than the perception of anybody outside of ourselves. We transcend all else toward a place of pure love of life.

This is the place where we live our best lives.



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