The sound of silence. There’s a ringing in my ear. The hype of  pending holiday. It’s growing very near. This year is very different. The atmosphere’s been changed. There is no joyous noel. The memories remain.

The children are all grown now. The house is not a home. There are no loud voices. The mysteries all are gone. The expectation of gifts. The pending anticipation. A melancholy has settled. There is no revelation.

I don’t want to buy a present. I don’t want to be in a mall. I am tired of the oversell. I’m weary of it all. I tried to hold the magic. For so very long. No stockings will be hung. Something clicked. That is all.

The gift was too big to wrap. The payment too steep a climb. For so many years, a house was on the list. See, yesteryear was hard for us. Harder than you know. Everything was taken, everything was gone. So in my truest steadfastness, after I lost it all. I had one vision, one goal.

To gain it back before they grew, to the point where they’re not here. I have another house now. Five years and many tears.

Life has a sense of humor. It tested my endurance. While my children were still young enough, my life? It fell apart. House and home, security, the table of abundance, the companions at our feet.

Gone with my sense of hope. No joy, or serendipitous wonderment. No happiness at all.

But then a little spark was lit, in the darkness of my life. That one and truest gift was left. The silence was the light. It sat there waiting patiently, while the grieving pushed me down.

The silence gave me the gift of thought.

The quiet gentled my soul’s sound. 

Five years climbing mountains of grief and pain and sorrow. Until the quiet comforted, the awakening of tomorrow. She sat with me in knowledge that the pain would one day subside. She became my companion. She offered me a ride.

She showed me that the truest gift was not in a box or bow. The present was the present mind. The simplicity of the now. I began to count my blessings. I realized I survived. The most terrible things were cleared away to offer the other side.

Hope. Joy. Gleeful wonder. They were there again somehow. The fog of a life’s destruction was the gift of universal time. We are transcended masters.

This needed to be said. We are not the shallow needy things that imprinted in our heads.

When the silence gave me nothing, it was nothing that I enjoyed. Consistent steadfast confidence, creation through and through. I began to focus on purity, as simply as a truth. The things gave way to power, the power led the way.

The sound of silence? Ringing bells of jubilee. The simple joys are the holiday. This year is very different. The atmosphere’s been changed.

Joy and sweet simplicity touched softly down again. Crystal love is quiet, in the silent revelry. It is the truest calling of our purpose. Faith of course, is free.

Joyous Noel to all who hear the miracle of life itself.

To The Positive Psychology People Family,

Thank you for the gift of being invited to write for you. It is an honor and a blessing to belong to this global family, so very loved by her founders.

Namaste and Peace,


Author: Karen Henry, Positive Psychology Practitioner and author since 2007. Owner, Henry Healing. “Grit. Grace. Gratitude. What Positive Psychology taught the teacher.” Other blog series by the author, Clarity. Noetic Nomad. Writing for TPPP since 2015. 



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