‘I have abundance of …’, finish that sentence in your own voice. ‘I am abundant in …’,  finish that sentence. Turn it into an action word, and now,  a present day, ‘now’ phrase. The self-help industries tell us to envision it, as if we already have what we want. So do some theories in practice in the field of psychology. And in the sports industries. 

There is an interesting phenomenon happening in the world right now. A pull toward alternative methods of health and healing  being reexamined along with the science of what it is to be human. They are more in sync with each other than one would imagine. I know this because I study both. Some of you do too.  

Openness to new experiences

We know that several theories and models in psychology pay attention to how open people are, as a way of seeing the world. We also know that our belief system is a hot topic for today’s times that are constantly in the light. 

People are noticing every single event that goes on in the world, giving them an overdose of information. Then, they are wondering why they feel so very stressed out and overwhelmed. 

We are stressed out and overwhelmed because we are taking in too much of everything. We are abundant with information, but not necessarily clarity or education or even common sense. We are flooded with seeing a side of others we never knew was there because we are using our own lens to decide who that person is, based on a small sliver of public information about them. 

Positive Abundance

Perhaps we can best serve our areas of the world by focusing on the balance of abundance. Too much of anything is just too much.

That includes exposure to negative or adverse experiences. This includes the rigors of test taking, yet no time to absorb what is being taught. It also includes, too many stories that tend to have a negative hue, while so many millions of positive stories are tossed on the pile of ‘whatever’ just so someone can capture the attention of the panicked masses. 

We are afraid, yet can’t look away from fear. Or death. The very thing that frightens us is what we give our mental audience to. Why is that? Because it’s a basic survival instinct. 

It’s programed into our DNA, as a way to be on guard, to be vigilant against intruders to our soul. Those who have never had a negative or hard experience, don’t fully grasp the vigilance, but for those who have, grasp it with abundance. 

Yet, for those who practice faith with clarity, also practice knowing what’s valuable by using the tools of health and healing. Grit gets us through the tough times. Grace allows us to feel connected to the power of balance. And gratitude? It allows us to see the positive abundance we can choose to live with. It’s Vitamin D for the beautiful truth of who we are as humans. 

What we choose is entirely up to us. 



Author of Indelible Women. Reiki Master. Owner, Henry Healing. Positive Psychology Practitioner since 2007, and former university professor.



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