2020 means perfect vision. A perfect balance of all that allows one to see both the near and the far. I’ve been thinking about my part in helping the positive psychology people develop, along with other journeys in the growth of the field of positive psychology.

“I” statements invite powerful ownership of our personal truth. From there, we can change anything we want.

I didn’t become a world renowned researcher or author, but that never stopped me from seeing it through a lens of clarity. I didn’t strive toward owning my place at the table of IPPA, or even get the invite to the party. I could have. No regrets. Still, I’ve dedicated myself to the research and practice of the philosophy in my own small corner of the world. This year, that shifts toward a bit more.

2007-2019 the birth and death of the way I used to do business.


What I’ve done is set some resolutions, intentions and goals for the professional and personal ways in which I will contribute to the conversation of the field of the positive psychology movement. 2020 seems the perfect invitation to do so purposefully, with intent and with the passion.

Since 2007, I’ve participated on small stages in this profession. In 2014, when my life imploded, I went through living life on a teetering ball of flaming grief. Part of me died.  It’s funny how we mark the tree of life with the number of years, rather than the number of moments. That’s also how we make it through grief. we walk on a path, marking the surroundings with the imprint of memories.

Auld Lang Zyne

Why do we try to put a date stamp on our auld lang zyne? In fact, to align with the positive psychology movement, we would not look back at that which tested or broke us. We look forward to that which strengthened and grew us in meaningful ways.

We don’t focus on what broke us. We focus on how to fix our already broken. Sure, that also means sitting with the painful part of ourselves. Our fear, our vulnerable parts and even our darkness. I know this because I did this. I’ve been writing about the upside of the downside in life since 2011.

I don’t mark death dates though. I don’t focus on memorizing the statistics of who was born, or died, or did whatever by the date it happened. The way I reflect on life is by the moments that make up that life.

What did it feel like when …

Who was there for you when …

Where were you when …

The point is this, we can have 2020 vision when we pay attention to the meaning in the moments of what we set our sights on. When we resolve to set an intension, knowing in full faith that we will take action, we accomplish our goals. We honor our past, but in truth, we are never returning there, so why give it more than a day’s time to sit in it.

We don’t stay stuck in the past.

Here’s to a year of growth, loving your own bravery, and knowing exactly what you plan to accomplish in this year of grit, grace, gratitude and clarity.



Author: Karen Henry, MA, MHC, PhD*c* CRM. Author of Indelible Women. Reiki Master. Owner, Henry Healing. Positive Psychology Practitioner since 2007. Dedicating Thursdays as the new weekly contribution to TPPP.



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