“Go with the flow. Force nothing. Let it happen…Trusting that whichever way it goes. It’s for the best”– Mandy Hale

Prior to taking Positive Psychology, I really wanted to learn how I can turn my attitude around, as I have some bad days and I seem to have a hard time getting over them. I also wonder what types of ways and things I can do in order to have a more positive outlook on life. I already have a positive outlook on life, but once there is a bump in the road, I am not able to get over it. I really wanted to learn how I could get over that bump and still go on throughout my day in a positive way. I also wanted to learn how my class mates view positivity and how they practice the power of positivity.

Flowing into FLOW…..

Learning about FLOW. Flow was my favorite section in this course. Anytime I have a bad feeling or I feel myself starting to get down, I listen to classical music. Classical music brings me to a mental place of peace. There seems to be no stress and I feel that I am alive. The air smells sweeter, I see colors more vividly, and I can hear the soothing sounds of the music and It brings me to a place like no other. After I’m done listening, I feel like I can accomplish anything. If I’m in a tight spot, I open my Pandora App on my iPhone and choose to listen to music, which brings me into my state of FLOW.

Positive Psychology opened my eyes to…

How important my beliefs are and that they are validated. I found that music therapy and nature therapy help soothe the mind and my spirit and that it is not something that I made up in my mind. They are valid forms of therapy. I also learned that just because there is a small bump in the road, does not mean that the rest of the day is ruined. Just accept it and move on. Let the negativity go away. I learned that the positivity is very powerful. When people are positive, positive things happen to them. When people are negative, they might as well grab a shovel because the negativity hole is going to be bigger and bigger. I also learned that everyone is different. What works for me can be very different from others, what really matters is finding what works for you, recognize it, and growing with the idea that positivity is important for a healthy mind and life.

About the author: Sarah Frisbee is a litigation paralegal, full time student, and recently engaged. She is graduating from Chaminade University this December; it’s been a long road and she excited for the future. She is happy with her life and surrounds herself with other positive people like her.


‘We are the Positive Psychology People’

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