I call Focus, the eye of the tiger.

A person with Focus is especially talented in taking direction, following through and making the corrections to stay on track. People with focus tend to prioritize then act. It’s most likely paired with achiever at .55 percent, least likely paired with connectedness at .02 percent. Focus is 23rd in frequency out of all 34 StrengthsFinder talent themes.

People with focus have that ability to concentrate; to guide thoughts and emotions to prioritize what’s most important. Focus is number one for me. There’s a sense of concentration and single-mindedness that helps us achieve goals.

The Power of Focus is the ability to eliminate distractions, remain purposeful, and stick to the priority.
The Joy of Focus comes when the activity is complete, the goal achieved, the bulls eye hit.
The Beauty of Focus is in the well-managed, intentional time spent on a task.
The Hope of Focus is to sharply aim your attention to the situation at hand and achieve the end goal as efficiently as possible.

The balcony of focus is being purposeful. Having laser-like precision. They’re a goal setter and a go-getter. People with focus are very single-minded and help us and our organization to persevere and stay true to the goals that we are setting for ourselves. They give us intense concentration. They help us establish priorities. They help us to begin with the end in mind. It is true that we don’t like being misdirected, but we need to be willing to go on those tangents.

Focus is #1 for me.

It has helped me in high school to set a goal and win the state doubles championship. To keep my eye on completing my bachelors and master’s degrees. It has helped me to build a private practice in counseling and coaching over two decades. It can also be applied to relationships. It has helped me to maintain a loving marriage of 31 years so far.

The basement to focus is tunnel vision, over-absorption into our work or whatever we are focused on. We can get so intense that we forget to relax. We get in this zone where we don’t think about anything else, and can forget people in the process.

Just recently a particular bird was making so much racket and noise keeping us awake that I was determined to shoot at it. I go out with my BB gun at dusk and get set up to shoot at the bird. In our backyard we have a swimming pool, and as I was backing up to take aim, I was so focused on the bird, I accidentally took one step back and fell right into our swimming pool.

Disadvantages of over-focus

Overusing focus can cause a person to forget the big picture.

It’s also true that people with focus are seen as only having a destination mentality which limits enjoyment for others and maybe even for ourselves.

People with Focus really need others to help them balance life. Help to pause, to laugh, play, celebrate and adapt.

To help you distinguish Focus from other StrengthsFinder talent themes: Focus might say I have a goal. Futuristic might say I have a dream.
Focus might say I have a goal I plan to reach. Discipline might say I have a plan to reach my goal.

What are some action items for people with focus?

1. Apply Focus to personal relationships not only work.
2. Set timelines and discipline yourself to measure and to be accountable for those timelines to bring out your best.
3. Surround yourself with play and playful people. We need to have activities that help us to unwind, laugh, and enjoy the emotional side of life because our focus sometimes can be very unsentimental. It’s almost as if we’re blocking out our emotions to zero in on a particular target and we need that emotional part of life through relationships with other people.
4. Use Focus in coaching others. Focus can actually be a great coaching tool for me now. It’s not just about achieving goals but it’s about helping people I’m working with to achieve goals.
For example when I’m coaching a person I’m not thinking about anything else except that person. I am totally engaged with that person and it makes them feel understood; it makes them feel good that so much attention is given to them. Focus can help us be a great listener.

Some quick tips to manage a person with Focus.

1. Do not always expect this person to be sensitive to the feelings of others, because getting work done often takes priority over feelings.
2. Dealing with change, use language like setting new goals or new measures of success. This gives a sense of purpose with the change.
3. Have frequent check in’s on the progress of goals and progress.

Henry David Thorough, writer, philosopher and naturalist, once said, “In the long run we hit only what we aim at.”

Focus – Is the eye of the Tiger!

About the author: Brent O’Bannon coaches individuals, teams, and organizations as the first GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach in the world.  He is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and you can learn more at brentobannon.com


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