Dan Collinson has worked for over 18 years in the Private (for SMEs, national and multi-national organisations) and Public Sector (working with NHS, central and local government) in roles that have involved managing projects and people. He was always passionate about ensuring that his teams had the opportunity to develop themselves and apply their strengths, so that they were able to perform at their best, as well as to meet personal and company goals.

He holds a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from Buckinghamshire New University, where his dissertation research project was to create a strengths-based sales process and he is proud to have been part of the first cohort of the course. His research interests are centred on research and application on the science of human strengths, goal setting and mindfulness.

Dan is currently working and researching the impact of strengths-based recruitment, especially for young unemployed people and people with a disability or illness. He believes that discovering and applying our strengths can help us fulfil our ambitions. He is also a director of Positive Psychology Learning, working alongside the inspirational and creative Lesley Lyle.

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