Clarity is… transformative.

“Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time.” ~ Unknown

There comes a time in our lives when change is necessary. We can’t always control when transformation is going to happen. Marriage is almost always a conscious decision. Divorce? Not as much. School is a conscious decision, with a new beginning at various periods throughout our lives.  Acorns become oak trees. Sunshine offers shadows. Life is in constant movement. Friends. Change. Tastes. Change. Opinions, if we’re lucky, change. From time to time. We wake up to being mindful of the change. Or, we sleep through our lives.

As humans, we are in constant change. Constant movement. Constant shift in awareness. Constant cell rejuvenation. We all age, but not all at the same speed. We all awaken to our newer version of ourselves, but not all at the same time. We see someone we used to know. We realize that they’ve changed. Only then, we think about our own version of that same changing process.

Change is transformative action.

Life is harder on some of us than others. Some people live in a perpetual state of glorious happiness. Others battle the darkness with every breath. Pockets of light or dark help to sustain life itself.

The things we can count on to regulate our reality? The sun rises, then sets. The earth as we know it from our view of the universe stays slowly, constantly circling the sun. We choose to pay attention to the light or the darkness, unless something forces one or the other.

When we go through the stages of grief, we share a universal truth of what to expect. That’s not to say that we’ll all process that change in the same way or for the same amount of time. There are some people who won’t cry through their pain. Others, cry at the suggestion of loss.

Change is a healthy life.

Our individual experiences are what make us uniquely us. When we approach our own unique crossroads at that point of change, we have a quiet moment in our minds that deny the fact that the change has to happen in the first place. There is a twinge of loss, regret, fear that ranges in intensity from a mere moment to sometimes, years. In order to bypass the negatives of the change, we have to lean into the pain, the loss, the regret and even the fear as completely normal parts of being human.

Our negative emotions are as important to us as our positives. Embrace both equally. Positive transformation for all living things requires equal parts, dirt, rain, sunshine and patience.

Patience. An original virtue. Knowing that all of life is transformative… is a strength.

Positive growth happens in the quiet in-between moment of becoming.

There is no shame in sorrow. There is great accomplishment for embracing the balance while savoring the feeling of being a part of the ever evolving universe.

Thrive well!


About the Author: Karen Henry (Daly) is a positive psychology practitioner, blogger, author and speaker. She is a coach/consultant who writes both fiction and non-fiction about loving one’s best life, thriving, recovery and post traumatic thriving. Box 586 “Creating the life we want to live.” Today, #ClarityTuesday is Wednesday. A shift in life, means a shift in timing. Sometimes, later is better than never.



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