Clarity is… courage

Courage means that we won’t stop trying to do something simply because we were worried about it. Courage means that we’ll fully evolve, grow, clarify who we are, no matter the criticisms against us. Courage means that we will pursue happiness in the face of unrest.

Be your own Hero

Fearlessness is knowing one’s self fully, understanding that we are the heroes of our own story.

When I hear people say that they’ve never had a bad day, or made an unpopular decision, I wonder how much they’ve ever actually lived. Oh sure, some people coast through life, living on the safe side, aligning themselves with the “in” group (consciously or unconsciously, that’s for safety), and boasting of never making a mistake. When a person never feels pain, or shame, or embarrassment, or heartache, how can they fully know what the counter emotion is?

How can they more profoundly understand the suffering of others, if not for themselves. How can they fully develop empathy, when they have no idea what something feels like. I don’t pose these as questions, but as thought provoking knowledge that we can’t always know what another person goes through.

There is a great deal of bravery needed to live one’s best life. It really doesn’t have anything to do with their demographics. Though I will say, it’s a lot easier having moxie when we also have a strong, financial background and friend group to back us up. Courage is easier with affluence. That’s not to say that the affluent don’t suffer. They can suffer in other ways. It is simply a different variety of grit.

Conscious Courage

For others, it is a more conscious courage that is needed. A much darker, more serious, gritty sort of gallantry for people to live through second and third world problems. To taste grit in the after shocks of trauma, yet holding onto the hope that this too shall pass, is the more poignant invitation from life itself to realize our true strengths.

“Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage” Anais Nin

We are offered this emotional well of both positive and negative thoughts as a survival guide in order to appreciate our thriving in troubled times. It takes courage for a broken person to want to find that tribe. It takes courage for a guilty person to want to own up. It takes heroism to immerse one’s self in the betterment of a society, when we have gone off course.

In order for us to freely swim in the clearest of waters, we must have fortitude to face ourselves, the parts that we don’t want to acknowledge, the dark art of life lessons. When we have courage to love ourselves, that is the greatest bravery of all. Life is a balance.

In this moment, the whisper we hear in our hearts is that of our inner call-to-arms to be as bold as our heart’s desire bequeaths it. That is our courage speaking our deepest truth.


About the Author: Karen Henry Daly is a positive psychology practitioner, blogger, author and speaker. She is a coach/consultant who writes both fiction and non-fiction about loving one’s best life, thriving, recovery and post traumatic thriving. Daly Coach/Consultant



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