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In drawing this card, you are invited to explore your belonging. Automatically, we go towards questions around belonging that include: “where do I belong”. But maybe belonging has more scope than knowing the outer place where we ideally may choose to live.

The image associated with these words held a very powerful moment of realisation for me. Note that the Aurora was intense and illuminating the night sky on a fjord in Norway. The Northern Lights graced the whole sky filling it with wonder and remarkably appeared to emanate from a single source. I found myself thinking whilst observing this spectacle about belonging. And as shared above, how we tend to locate our belonging solely in a place. Such places may hold great importance I have realised through my life. For these are the places where we feel most at home. Where we recognise the folk and the cultures and wherein, we feel at our most natural and content. So often belonging takes us towards a place where we choose to be. However, on this evening, witnessing the Aurora, I realised that there may be a much deeper source to our belonging. That we each have a longing, and could it be that when we become the person that we long to be – we then experience belonging – not necessarily highlighting a particular place outside of ourselves – but more discovering the experience of belonging in our own skin.

So, in drawing this card you are invited to explore different dimensions of your belonging to deepen your awareness and experience.

For what do you most long?

Take some time to respond to this question. What this question invites is for you to go within and to reflect upon “to what you are drawn”, “what calls you in life”, “what do you most love” that you may not have yet fully permitted? This inner calling is a continual source of inspiration and motivation. So once again we can include “what motivates and inspires you most?”.

Such questions continually shape and inform our lives. They invite us to invest our attention in what we believe to be essential to us – that which we inwardly realise is vital to our life and work.

See if you can distil what is vital to your life and work?

Again, taking whatever time you need to revisit this question.

Also, to fully encompass the experience of belonging. Imagine who you become when you permit that for which you long? Who is this person? How would you describe them?

Who we become when we are true to our inner call and longing – is who we most naturally are – being true to oneself is a measure of personal authenticity – it is an owning and admitting and further then permitting, what you most personally need in your life – what is vital to your journey, and this offers personal value and meaning.

Imagine when you have felt at your most comfortable, being fully at home in your own skin. At your most natural and employing your natural talents and abilities. Reflect carefully on who you then become? We each have different versions of ourselves that appear at different times due to different situations and circumstances. Often, we wear a mask when faced with challenges – as if someone steps forward within us to front the challenge. But who is the person behind our masks? Who is that person in you? Who comes to the fore when all pressures end, and fears have gone – see if you can make your acquaintance fully with that person today. Acknowledge them in your life and how they represent the person that you long and was born to be. Imagine then, what it would be like if you lived this person’s life?

May you explore your belonging with keen interest and quiet contemplation.

May you discover more fully the person that you long to be and become.

May you come to know the person that you are most naturally – live their life – and allow their talents and natural abilities to inform your occupation and work.




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