In the midst of belief, when you are the only one in the knowing, it can feel like you are wondering in darkness, as everyone you meet doesn’t know your clarity. It is not a form of realisation for everyone to see. It is just a thought, a feeling, a deep sense of knowing that in a future time and space it will all be made clear.

Unknown waters

In leadership you sometimes have to lead into unknown waters if you want things to continue to grow. Therefore, you need to feel comfortable in what is not yet to be seen and trust the flow of experience to bring you exactly at the right destination as well as guide the people you are leading. In your uncertainty you need to still provide the confidence, faith and trust as you stand in your authenticity.

To be a leader you need to learn the balance of when to let things go, which no longer serve a purpose, no matter how long the process has been in place with bringing in changes that are needed to move things forward. It is also knowing that not everyone you meet along your leadership journey will complete the whole journey with you. It is about having integrity and knowing that your leadership has a ripple effect into the world as you interact with each person you meet. This is about shining your light bright so each person you work with increases in their light as they work with you. When you keep your leadership authentic, honest and positive you will always be a blessing in this world, because you have encouraged and enhanced someone else’s self-worth and self-love. You become a beacon to make a positive difference in the world.

Being an authentic leader

Being an authentic leader is about having the necessary knowledge and skill and being able to apply them appropriately. It is also about being connected to your true purpose, staying true to your values and appreciating the work you do and the people you lead. It’s about knowing your fears and not armouring yourself against them as this blocks the flow of leadership and disconnects the relationships you build as your fears become the leader and not you. It is about active listening to all the people involved and balancing this with listening to your inner voice. It is like being the conductor in an orchestra where you bring harmony to all, as you create your masterpiece.

Authentic Leadership requires dedication, determination and drive. It requires you to do the inner work, the internal transformation work as understanding yourself with great clarity is essential. This is so your limiting beliefs, which will be there don’t restrict you. So, they don’t bound you in those fears. It helps you keep focused and liberates you into the greatness being a leader has. It is about understanding the potential within, so it can emerge into the external world. The more you get to know yourself, the deeper connection you have with yourself and the more empowering to others you become.

About the author: Kelly Seaward became a teacher in 2003, graduating from The Central School of Speech and Drama. She is also a qualified hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist. Currently she is a MAPP student at New Bucks University. Kelly specialises in mental health and well-being for teachers and helps teachers to reconnect to their passion for teaching.

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