Have you ever felt something was ‘off’ without knowing why and not really knowing what to do about it? These types of feelings often sit around in our stomach as a vague ‘gut feeling’ that something isn’t right, or we can feel upset without totally understanding why that is. This can leave an unpleasant mood as well as impact on others around us if we become distant as a result.

The negative spiral

It can relate to our interactions with others, our job, our lifestyle or numerous other things and can cause us to fall into a negative downward spiral of being. Once we hit this spiral it can be quite hard to then get back into what would be considered the upward spiral, which is where we all flourish and thrive.

Mood scanning

Let me introduce you to the concept of mood scanning or checking in. This is the awareness tool that puts you into a mindfulness moment and helps you to recognise what it is that is going on within you so that you can manage it better and work through it. In order for a problem to be solveable it first has to be recognisable and so this software helps you to do just that.

The cost

You may be wondering how much such a gadget would cost and whether it would be worth the money, and of course such a useful tool must have a price associated to it right?

Wrong, the only thing you need have to use this useful tool is a few minutes alone and a knowledge of mindfulness or being in the moment.

Mindfulness and mood scanning

When we allow ourselves this space, and ask ourselves what it is that is wrong, we allow for that feeling or thought to emerge to the surface of cognitive thinking and become tangible. Then we can use many of the other tools that positive psychology has to offer in order to work on whatever it is that’s been bugging us.

That’s hard to digest

For example, you may have had a discussion with someone which felt mildly unpleasant but it was a few days ago and you assume you have let it go. A few days later you feel vaguely unsettled. You may not even join the dots and link the two events here but quite often there is a direct correlation. This is quite common and is the emotional equivalent of undigested food.

So when we allow this feeling to move through a process of digestion or in this case processing we are able to eliminate it. If we don’t do this we leave an accumulation of this and other feeling kicking around, which essentially turn into an emotional landfill within us. This does leave the same feeling that undigested food would with us over time, it’s uncomfortable and it feels heavy in the pit of our stomach.

Taking time out once a week or even once a day if you can to make this part of a daily practice allows for in the moment processing and resolving of conflicting emotions or thoughts.

Writing to heal

Writing to heal is a great after market product to run with this ‘programme’ and literally involves writing down how you feel about a situation for twenty minutes every day for five days. All you need to do to achieve this is use the mood scanning to discover what the problem might be and then write about how to resolve it.

You would be surprised how wise your inner dialogue can be, so give it a go the next time something is bugging you and see what a difference it can make.

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