Clarity is…. PLayFuL?

Pokemon Go is the latest craze.

My business partner, Taylor R. Powers,  leveled up when trying to explain it to me. I need games explained. My son is a total fanboy of all things YouTubers. We live in the world of online games. When I was a child, we lived in the world of never wanting to go inside to play. Those were different times. Whimsy, imagination, some fisty-cuffs and a whole lot of learning about life through play was our childhood. Today, we hashtag, Tweet, Snap, Insta-gram and the best game of all? Going outside to play. Now, apparently, my kid’s childhood favorite Pikachu is back.

Adults need playtime too.

As a matter of fact, all the playtime at work that some people complain about, is the smartest work-related decision toward a balanced human life to date. This Pokemon Go game is genius! Okay, some people are still human, doing human stuff, but for the rest of the world… it’s getting people out and about. My business partner and friend, Taylor Ryan Powers had an even better idea.

He said, what if people offered rewards on Pokemon for doing good deeds, like cleaning up, helping, altruistic things that make the world a better place. Donate an animal shelter, unlock a Cheshire! Recycle a tire, caught a Diretire! 20 pieces of garbage off the floor, catch a Trashdor! I of course, have NO idea what any of the Pokemon Go stuff is (I’m not a gamer, just a Monday morning quarterback)… beyond my skill set.

The point is, Taylor’s right. This single game could clean up our planet better than since the advent of disposable garbage! But then, he has business meetings by swinging from trees, insisting on getting outside, going on adventures. When we are hashing out book ideas, we GO! So this new get out and go thing isn’t new to us. It’s exercise for writers. We’re grateful not to be in a traditional office. I know coaches who work with people while going for walks, and treadmills for computer based companies. Work and play CAN be synonymous.

We also spend that time, non nonchalantly doing good deeds, helping people in a jam (holding doors for strollers, little stuff…. that makes a difference in the lives of others) all day, every day.

Oprah said, “Integrity is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching”. Could that extend to catching Pokemon’s?

Play time!

Clarity is understanding that when we play, we also have the opportunity to do good deeds. We can play our way into the reality of leveling up on being better versions of ourselves while also having a lot of fun. When we share the adventure of common good, we become part of something bigger than ourselves.

We know that playtime allows our brains to rest from the intensity of our more serious issues, our dark-side. It gives us permission to find flow in the game. We take our inner child on a walk, give ourselves permission to let go, to find fun, to be in the moment, to find joy.



About the Author:

Karen Henry Daly is a positive psychology practitioner, blogger, author and speaker. She is a coach/consultant who writes both fiction and non-fiction about loving one’s best life, thriving, recovery and post traumatic thriving. “We’re ALL aging! If we’re lucky”.



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