Too long inside concrete walls and around man made things makes me a little stir crazy! A few minutes sat by the river can quickly alleviate this. There’s a powerful, peaceful and grounding energy in nature that seeps into my being. It brings me serenity, gratitude, awe, inspiration, faith and love. And all I have to do is be in it and be quiet.

Nature also teaches me much about how to live my life. Which is not surprising – after all, you and I are nature. We have much more in common with the trees than we do with technology. And so, I look towards plants, animals, the weather and even the whole universe to guide me in my life.

Here are my top 5 life lessons from nature

1. Balance brings beauty

Eco-systems thrive when there is a balance of all species living in symbiosis. Our physical health is maintained by homeostasis – our body’s natural tendency to seek equilibrium within. Thunderstorms help maintain the balance of electrical charges between Earth and the atmosphere. Unstable atoms will give off particles until they become balanced.

Everything seeks balance. So, why not me?

Too much give and not enough take leaves me depleted. Too much excitement and not enough calm gets draining. We know that indulging in too much unhealthy food doesn’t do much for our physical health and crash diets rarely do what they promise either.
Balance in mind and body is what brings true wellbeing.

2. This too shall pass

Nothing stays the same. Nothing lasts forever. The leaves on a tree grow and then they fall. The torrential rain soon turns to clear skies. Spring always follows winter and winter cannot be avoided.

Such is the same for my life. Things inside me – thoughts and emotions, things outside of me – situations, people, problems, successes; it all passes.

Sometimes, it can feel like sad times will last forever. I cling on to happy times and never want them to go away. But, this is a futile fight against reality. The reality is that life and everything in it is transient. Accepting this allows an undertone of peace in daily life.

3. Results without rush

The seed does not become a tree overnight but, it will become a tree none-the-less. It simply needs nurture, patience and daily growth. There is no rush and you cannot make it grow any faster than it takes.

When so many things are available to me faster and faster due to technology, I forget that my own mind, body and soul is not made of the same stuff as technology. I am like the seed.

My nature requires time to grow, to flourish, to reach its potential. The seed is already planted within me and it contains the building blocks that are needed, but I cannot force it to grow in line with my impatience. I must give it time.

4. Adapt to surroundings

Nature’s ability to adapt is profound. How animals and plants adapt to different surroundings is evident everywhere we look. Nature doesn’t try to change the environment in order to suit it, it changes itself to suit the surroundings. Nature seems to know what it can and can’t control. What it can control, is itself.
The same is true in my life. The only thing I can really control is myself. My choices, my perspective, my behaviours. Therein is my true power to not only survive, but to thrive.

The environment in which I live is always changing, sometimes it suits me and sometimes it doesn’t. My only option is to adapt.

5. Nature always wins

Have you seen tree roots and plants growing through concrete? What about those old, abandoned, train tracks or buildings covered in plants? Nature always wins. You can hold it down for a while, but it comes back.

Nature has an inherent strength that prevails against all odds. Therefore, I have that inherent strength too. If I follow steps 1-4 above: seek balance, don’t cling to things, have patience and adapt to the environment, I too can overcome obstacles. I too, can win.

What are your life lessons from nature?

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