Are you using your creativity?

If you’re not feeling happy or fulfilled, it could be because you are not using your creativity. If you feel stagnant and stuck in life, this doesn’t feel good because it’s not natural. You’re not meant to stand still.

Life’s nature is to proliferate and create. Look at the whole planet, the incomprehensible amount of creation. From the creatures that live at the bottom of the deepest ocean to those flying highest in the sky, the number of different plant species and the vast beautiful landscapes. The whole universe!

Life and creativity

All life on this planet is instinctively creating. Starting with the body, creating new cells for growth and repair, new offspring through pro-creation and adaptation to surroundings. Evolution is creation, on and on it goes.

Do you think you are separate from all of that? Of course not! You do all of that too, so naturally you are creating by default. But there’s something more miraculous about human nature – the fact that we can also create out of CONSCIOUS CHOICE.

This could happen in daily life in the form of creative hobbies, or the creative way you raise your kids. It could be solving problems at work. It could be expressed in the way you dress. But is that enough for you?

Do you have something more to give?

Are you expressing your soul’s creative passions? This is key to a heightened level of happiness, fulfilment and self-actualisation (Maslow). I’d argue it’s the reason for our being.

Maybe we have pigeon holed ourselves into thinking creativity means drawing, art, music, writing. This can lead a lot of us to think we are not creative because we can’t paint or write a song. But perhaps scientists are creative in their experiments and exploration, so are computer programmers and accountants in the way they handle their work.

As long as you are growing, making something original, putting out more than what you started with, you are creating. You’ll know whether or not you are creating in line with your soul’s path by how fulfilled, happy and inspired you feel afterwards.

Don’t ignore your creativity!

Elisabeth Gilbert talks about how unused/ ignored creativity festers as unhappiness, stuck-ness and resentment. Some people ignore their creative intuition all their lives and suffer the deep pain of being unfulfilled. As they restrict the flow and movement of energy that creativity brings, it’s like they turn to rigid stone.

You don’t want to be that person. You don’t have to be that person. Choose NOW to be creative!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” Albert Einstein

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