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Lets Talk About The Painful Subject Of Pain

Pain is universal, it’s inevitable, it can be all encompassing and nobody is dodging it across the lifespan. As humans ‘being’, we will do our utmost to avoid this pain, whether acute emotional trauma, ongoing and enduring or raw trauma. Emotional pain as described in... read more

Noetic Nomad Cultivating The Willow

A willow tree, for those who have not experienced one, is a miracle in perfect harmony with everything I love about nature. It doesn’t argue with the wind or fall to the water. It doesn’t mind the cold, or heat. It dances so very well with the sky. It is... read more

Resilience and Managing Physiology

Who won’t have at least a small blow out over Christmas? Too much food, not enough sleep, not enough exercise and not looking after ourselves well enough…Let’s see if we can get back on track… This is the first in a series of posts on Resilience based around the... read more
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What Is Positive Psychology?

Want to know what the foremost researchers and practitioners say about positive psychology? We asked 20 leading experts in the field of positive psychology the question, “What exactly is positive psychology?”


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