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Forgetting to Live

I often find myself in a state of what I call ‘forgetting to live’ and wasting my time away thinking about what I want from life, what I need to tackle and other life worries. I know this is a habit I’ve had since I was a child and every now and then I’ve tried to... read more

Me, Silence and Self-Compassion

Setting the Scene I feel the need to mention here that I have experienced very little actual silence in my life.  By the time I was born, there was already a big brother, followed by 2 more siblings, I then married and have had 4 wonderful children, now blessed with a... read more

Noetic Nomad Navigating Noise

For two solid weeks, the earth’s energy has been high. The personal days have been sparking strong emotions. I’m sitting in my favorite coffee house on a sunny Tuesday afternoon, listening to the roar of coffee grinders and trendy music, sprinkled with emotional noise... read more
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