Lynn Soots is a professional educator that mixes positive psychology into every aspect of developing students to appreciate themselves, the world they live in and the learning experience as part of finding meaning in their lives.  She received her undergraduates in Business Management from the University of Maryland, a Master degree in Counseling and Personnel Services from the University of Maryland, and is at the end of completing her doctoral degree in Education Psychology from Capella University.  Lynn’s research focused on understanding learning transformations that happen in the adult positive psychology learning environment.

She brings a wealth of knowledge in trussing together the positive human experience as a rippling effect from learning and appreciating positive psychology.  Lynn is an adjunct Professor of Psychology and has successfully integrated positive psychology into education methodologies and applications that mirror the humanistic and transformative theories of Carl Rogers and Jack Mezirow.  Lynn has committed her on-going work to exploring education as an influencing factor of a happy and flourishing life. Lynn hails from a small town in Canada; Morrisburg Ontario, but has traveled the world as a United States Air Force service-woman. She is a retired veteran and now focuses exclusively on tour-guiding students through the wonderful world of psychology.

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